Diversity Training in B’ham

2016 Birmingham, UK

Welcome to another article. This time it’s about my travel to England and multicultural city of Birmingham. This Erasmus+ project aimed to diversity and how such thing looks like in our society and among people, the city was a great choice because it is so representative of diversity, multiculturalism and so on.

To get there from Prague wasn’t so difficult. I changed the flight in Paris and then continued directly to Birmingham. My return way went through Amsterdam in Netherland. Our hostel name was called The Hatters and it was typical English style of building, formerly used as a factory? Most probably. There were 2 double beds in one small room and one shower for 10 rooms of 4 people in each but all of this was compensated in better food and mainly, in project topic and by people that organised this.

Our professional trainer’s name was Max. To present you the topic of diversity. European Union programs try to more connect and unite the people living in this area of countries. It is important for us to know about different and other types of backgrounds, life, culture, religion, ways of thinking and much more. We should accept other people in our life, to integrate and to involve everyone into our society and of course, there is a, let’s say, ban to hate people around us. These Erasmus+ programs then help to achieve this. That is why our understanding and open-mind so important.

Not all of programmes’ topics are about the diversity of cultural understanding, some of them are about sexuality, unemployment, environment etc. But all of these topics are similar in focus to unite the people and make them cooperating in international groups of people.


In this training course, I learned a lot, thanks to our trainer Max, his ice-breaking games and energisers, his presentation about the programme Erasmus+ opportunities, thanks to my new friends from abroad. I should also thank one guy that has been working in a high position in Microsoft that visited us, learned us some procedures and basic of programming on their Microsoft Surface laptops and then took few people to Wales to visit another part of Great Britain.

What was amazing as well was working on Macs, creating our photo books about diversity, this project and similar ideas. There was another group as well working not on photo books but on video. The group or groups worked in terrain and made some interviews about diversity with local people. Our they tried to make some social experiment and how the local people behave when there is some situation provided from us. We were like actors showing them these situations and we wanted to see and shoots their reactions. One of my friend from Poland was so great in working with video materials thanks to his work in a TV in Poland that he was invited to another project to cooperate with the organization Praxis Europe again. He worked on these videos so hard and in his free time, he did really well. You can see more videos below.

The last but not the least thing that I’d like to share with you is our live studio experience. We went to local school studio to try all the roles necessary in TV shows or TV news. As a team, we worked one by one in front of cameras and behind the cameras, as directors and also cut the live video in a studio behind, added some subtitles and so on. Altogether exciting experience in working with media.


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