APV in Chester, UK


During one rainy night (guess where) my first participation in APV started. It was at the end of August, autumn knocking on the door with its moody change of weather, yet it was still warm and green enough to enjoy the disappearing rays of summer.

At Trafford Hall, very important to say the one in Chester, UK, as two participants were searching for us in the Manchester’s hotel of the same name, representatives of five countries have met to discuss and prepare the programme of the upcoming youth exchange with name „Communication“, which is happening from 23th till 29th of September. The countries who took part in the APV and which are also taking part in the youth exchange are United Kingdom (hosting organization), the Czech republic, Lithuania, Estonia and Turkey. Our goal was to get ourselves more familiarized with the info package of the youth exchange, understanding its meanings, terms, activities and methods and subsequently, to share the information with the rest of our national groups. We also were there to share ideas, adjust the schedule and divide the main topics between the five countries. The topics covered during the mobility activities are: Communication, Different countries – One Europe, Interfaith tolerance, European Values/Identity,
and Racial Tolerance.

To also get to know where the project is taking place, taste the culture and feel the atmosphere of English cities, the facilitator of the hosting organization took us to see the hotel, where the future participants are going to stay at, other facilities of possible use and he also took us to dine in the city hall with the mayor of Rochdale himself. The legend has it that when Adolf Hitler saw the building, he wanted it for himself and asked to move it brick by brick. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and we could enjoy the city hall at its own place. Other interesting places we visited are the art gallery and the museum of Rochdale and the university campus in Manchester.

I didn’t know what to expect as I had never attended APV before and
I can say I was nicely surprised how much work and sightseeing can be done in two days. Also, I couldn’t wish for greater fellow participants as after a minute together we felt so comfortable and open with each other.
Again I have understood that it is the good vibes that connect you together and make you enjoy each other’s company.

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