Cultural Heritage in Düzce

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Welcome to Turkey and this wonderful project on cultural heritage.

Youth participants of our organisation participated on the youth exchange called Stop, Think and Move On that took place in Düzce, Turkey (7 – 16 April). The project was funded and supported by the EU and Turkish National Agency and it aimed to increase the basic skills and competence of young people so they can protect, preserve and transfer our the world cultural heritage to generation to come.

Its length was a week during which they met several experts on cultural heritage topics having their presentations on these topics. The young people also tried doing archeological excavations or having drama demonstrations. Another part were their visits to the historical sites and Cultural Directorate, Düzce municipal cultural directorate and Kemerkasım Primary school while their were learning good practices about protection of cultural heritage. They worked with UNESCO agenda and topics as well.

The project help them to improve their basic skills and competences in terms of preservation, retention and transfer of cultural heritage to future generation. The participants raised their level of awareness about the importance of cultural heritage and became more curious about the history and traditions, they learned how historical artifacts are revealed by archaeological excavation techniques, how they are recorded, how the stages of measurement and evaluation are done, and how to protect cultural heritage.

We are happy they could learn about the attitudes and ideas of the people in Turkey that live in the ancient places through the interviews and observation and the difficulties the people encountered. They saw how wood structures, developed in the local architectural style, contribute to urban aesthetics, the effects of geographical conditions on urban architecture, and how traditional cultures shape urban architecture. The project gave them information about the people’s cultural life, style and beliefs that impact on architectural elements and not only them but also the local people learned more about the cultural heritage protection especially in their surrounding.

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