Information for future Partners


We can – we offer and we would like to - establish interesting and prosperous partnerships with associations, organizations and institutions of many sectors that share common values - both ideological and ethical while helping young people and society. We’re looking for organizations sharing common goals or ideas with members of ProActive’n GO!

We are always open and interested in anything you can offer and we can return in upcoming cooperation. However, it’s not only about exchanges like these. We wish to keep save environment and great relationships with organizations and their members and volunteers – equally important for the personal contact and trust. Our goal is to manage partnerships which were described above and create a platform for friendly future cooperation in the field of youth and many other.

We use three words defining and explaining Partnerships or Cooperation in our point of view and way of understanding and we think you will like them as well.

They are:


We're looking for PARTNERS in these fields:

ERASMUS+ Youth Programme Projects with European and non-European NGOs

Czech and Slovak sending and receiving NGOs working in Erasmus+

Czech and Slovak NGOs working in different areas of the field of youth

Private Sector (Companies and Entrepreneurs) working with youth or aiming at youth

Every single word that serves as our definition of partnerships is quite equal, however, we can say the 1st one – PARTNERS – is the most professional one.

It’s set for exact questions we're trying to answer either now or in our daily work for the organization. ProActive'n GO is a tool or an instrument and the youth is the aim.

You can find below the opportunities for successful upcoming cooperation.

If you didn’t find the way to support us, don’t hesitate to find it in two other sections or you can contact us directly. We’ll be glad for every message.

ERASMUS+ Youth Project Cooperation

We are one of the NGOs participating on projects of the EU programme called Erasmus+.

We’re preparing our projects in Erasmus+ Youth (KA1, KA2 and KA3 – depending on current topics).


We’re also developing our skills in EUROPEAN VOLUNTARY SERVICE (EVS) projects.

We are open for new ones in EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS and for partnerships with companies in ERASMUS FOR ENTREPRENEURS.

Valid for NGOs from abroad working in Erasmus+ Youth!

Czech and Slovak NGOs working in Erasmus+

We want to create unique and unifying platform within close partnerships with our collegues in Czech and Slovak NGOs. The easiest way how to help young people to getting know all the opportunities from dozens of websites and social network is to create a database and map of opportunities, calls and offers. The links there are always going to load your websites or facebook pages but young people can find all in one place. Learn more here and help us improve and create better space for our friends. Add your projects...

Czech and Slovak NGOs working in different areas of the field of youth

We would like to ask you to cooperate on our project of the database and the map both described above. You can share, advertise or make visible your offers as well. Let us know and we'll be very glad and happy for your steps helping to develop skills, experience and knowledge of young people in our countries.

Private Sector (Companies and Entrepreneurs) working with youth

We are excited for new adventures coming within cooperation and strong partnerships with our collegues working in private sector in copanies and by them selves as entrepreneurs. Some of them are interested in youth and some of them in other aspects of our society and its developing.

We would like to invite you to think about new ways of common work and upcoming projects. You will see real successful ideas that comes true. So, do not hesitate to aproach us. However the first spark can always start from our side. 🙂