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young people like You

You can find below the opportunities for successful upcoming cooperation.

If you didn’t find the way to support us, don’t hesitate to find it in two other sections or you can contact us directly. We’ll be glad for every message.


We find this way of cooperation as important as the other. Our mission and visions need some support in order to keep our progression going. Thanks to you we can develope our background, planned office and services, to help young people with fewer opportunities and goodwill projects connected to charity.

What are the ways of SPONSORING we're asking honestly and kindly for these:


Become a member and / or support us with 50 CZK = 2€. It's a symbolic fee of many people can achieve many great things. Our activities and an account are transparent. You can trust us.


We're still looking for people experienced in IT, Medias or just those with good ideas. We can find this also in 'SUPPORT' part but this means a lot for us that's why it's here as well.


If you are business man or a company - mainly in the Czech Republic, do you know that you don't have to give up to 2% of your taxes to the state or government but you can support with some money an organization like us. Find more below.


We are going to start our own eSHOP but in different way. You can find there objects created at the workshops we do with young people, whose purchase help a good cause. It's auctions starting from price of materials. You always know whome we'll send the many later to. You can "buy" there the services or donations we'd like to work with.

NGO's Account Info

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2301164972/2010

IBAN: CZ6320100000002301164972